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Pre-UPALL NatlGA 2007 Press Release

Posted by urbanpooralliance on August 8, 2007

RP’s urban poor meet on their third congress
14 July 2007, Betania Retreat House, Religious of the Virgin Mary
214 N. Domingo Street cor Balete Drive, New Manila, Quezon City
(near Betty Go-Belmonte Station)
Contact: Nina Somera – 09218122066


The Urban Poor Alliance is a coalition of non-government organizations (NGOs), peoples organizations (PO) and individuals who are working for the advancement of the country’s urban poor particularly in facilitating their right to descent and livable housing. Since its formation in 2005, the Alliance has come up with a 14-point agenda which consolidates the most urgent issues and concerns of the urban poor sector. Among these include:

The establishment of a local housing board that would manage and respond to the needs of the urban poor, particularly in facilitating the latter’s right to housing and basic services.


A guarantee that families threatened by eviction due to development projects would be allowed to meaningfully participate in policy and planning processes especially in ensuring in-city relocation including economic opportunities within the locality.

Regular allocation of adequate funds for housing through a  multistakeholder process and ensuring that budget on housing even on the level of the barangay represents the interest of the Gender and Development framework.

Now on its thrid year, the Alliance is further consolidating its ranks in four major regions: Bicol, Visayas, Mindanao and Mega Manila. This, as it pursues the more urgent issues and concerns such as eviction, resettlement and basic services, land proclamation, community mortgage program, and women and gender. This year’s theme: “Palakasin ang Pagkakaisa ng mga Mamamayan sa Kalungsuran para sa Ganap na Kaunlaran” reflects the growth of the alliance and the impact which it has engendered to the communities.

Last year saw an even more increasing partnership between this social movement and faith based groups, most notably the articulation of urban poor issues and concerns within Philippine Bishops Conference of the Philippines and the formation of the technical working group on housing and urban livability within the Philippine Misereor Partners.

UP-ALL Mega Manila also produced a comprehensive legislative agenda which was meant to obtain the commitment of certain aspiring solons. Last May, after a series of inclusive consultations and careful deliberations, UP-ALL Mega Manila endorsed the following senatorial candidates: Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, Michael Joker Arroyo, Defensor, Francis Joseph Escudero, and Ralph Recto. Half of them gained senate seats. Their commitment to the legislative agenda would be pursued while the Alliance work on other institutions and processes especially the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC), Presidential Commission on the Urban Poor (PCUP), and Social Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC) to allow its advocacies and campaigns to come into fruition.

UP-ALL has consistently engaged the government towards the approval of
Vice President Noli de Castro of the implementing rules and regulations of Memorandum Order 74 or that which mandates the upgrading of social housing sites; the cessation of wanton and violent demolition of the Metro Manila Development Authority and even local government units; and the installation of competent persons in the leadership of SHFC.

In its third general assembly, UP-ALL is fortunate to have the presence of Bishop Broderick Pabillo, Auxillary Bishop of Manila and Percival Chavez, chair of PCUP. Newly-sworn sentors Aquino, Arroyo, Escudero as well as Alan Peter Cayetano were invited and encouraged to attend the activity.


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