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New Challenges for the NGOs and POs working for the urban poor sector

Posted by urbanpooralliance on August 14, 2007

Based from Misereor urban agenda workshop, October 23-24, 2006


Ms. Ignacio presented a consolidated list of challenges that surfaced in the discussion since Day 1 of the workshop.

The following are the matters that the groups should look into:

1. New schemes in socialized housing

  • CMP and beyond

2. Mobilizing Resources

  • Local Government Units

  • Community saving

  • Localizing existing government funding mechanism

3. Power in Information

  • Profiling of urban poor settlements, organizations

    • Creation of database

    • Use of new technology such as GPS/GIS

  • Review of Community Organizing approaches

  • Savings

  • Leaders’ protocols and code of ethics

  • Contextualize and/or localized

  • Look into how our efforts facilitate or hinder structural changes

4. Sustainable/Livable Cities

  • Not only a matter of housing.

  • Not jeopardizing long-term engagement.

  • Density (like MRB’s)

  • Roles, rights and responsibilities of the poor

  • Other concerns: women, population, environment

5. Engagement in Local Government Unit’s (LGU’s) Processes

  • Votes (know the extent of power)

  • Local Housing Board

  • Involve in LGU Planning: City Land Use Plan/Shelter Plan –

6. Consolidating Policy Gains

  • Exacting accountabilities

  • Filing and winning cases in courts


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