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Urban Poverty and Development Framework for Metro Manila

Posted by urbanpooralliance on August 14, 2007


1. Community driven and participatory

2. Urban poor themselves as main agents of poverty reduction

3. Multi-sectoral arrangements (recognizing role of the LGUs: city & brggy level)

4. Integrated and appropriate (there is a fit between service provider and clients / needs based / tangible / incremental development)

5. Sustainable (ensure continuity)

6. Upscalability (potential for expansion)

7. Segmentaton of the urban poor (clear targeting)

8. Organized groups (HOAs) as social engines

9. Equity (esp. for the poor and vulnerable)

10. Outcome and performance oriented

Household Level : economic (employable / enterpreneural skills, basic services, improved income & assets, psycho-social well-being, security)

Community Level: manage own org’n, project & finances, engage governance processes, establish / sustain partnership, resource generation

City Level

Menu of Strategies in poverty reduction
1. Capacity building (includes community organizing & training)

2. Income raising thru enterprises

3. Savings generation

4. Expenditure reduction

5. Micro-finance

6. Formalization of assets (including security of tenure)

7. Legal protection

8. Direct service provision (community infrastructure: water delivery, electricity, drainage, solid waste, health & nutrition, day care)

9. Disaster Management

10. Alternative Social Security Schemes

11. Expanding peoples’ visions (advocacy)

12. Management of urbanization

13. Population Management

Clustering to define the target clientele (i.e. beneficiaries)
1. Sectoral (women, children, youth, elderly, People w/ disabilities, etc.)

2. Geographical

3. Administrative

4. Issue-based

5. Economic Activity

6. Social Networks

Role Definition
1. PO – main driving force

2. NGO – enabler

3. LGU – permanent stakeholder / with resources

4. Business –with resources

5. Formal Settlers (in relation to informal settlers)

6. Donors


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